E-Giving Safety

Is E-Giving safe?
We understand that you may be concerned about privacy and security issues surrounding the use of the internet for giving contributions. We´ve taken steps to give the best security possible.

1. When you are entering and viewing Online Giving information you are using the secure servers of the National Church Supply Company Inc. – The Envelope Service ™. National Church Supply has been serving an array of churches for over 9 decades, providing offering and tithing envelopes and a wide variety of stewardship resources.

  As more and more online fraud occurs these days, we take Security very serious. 
There are no third parties involved with the E-Giving process, and your information will never be sold.

2. We require that you use not only your name and password, but also a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when setting up or viewing your giving records. Although this adds steps to the process, it assures that no one besides you will be able to access your account. (A password and PIN gives your online account the same level of security as your ATM.)

3. All transactions use 128-bit encryption verified through Verisign Corporation and the servers are dedicated strictly to E-Giving, sitting behind multiple firewall’s. We also have a dedicated Internet connection to give you maximum up-time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you select a browser version that uses 128-bit encryption if possible. 

Every connection and transaction is logged and stored in the event of any suspicious activity.

The IT staff members at National Church Supply are certified by the top industry leaders such as Microsoft and Cisco. 

What is 128- bit encryption? 128-bit encryption is 300 septillion times stronger than standard encryption. Browsers with standard 40 and 56-bit encryption make available billions of possible keys. 128-bit encryption means that there are 2128 billion possible keys to your information and every time you access the Pineland’s servers the key is changed. 128-bit SSL encryption has never been broken and according to RSL Labs, it would take a “trillion-trillion years” to crack the code using today´s technology.

Please note that in order to access the features of “My Giving” you will be asked to take a few simple steps to create a user account, password and PIN if you have not already done s