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Q: How can funds be withdrawn directly from my account?
Only with your authorization. No one can deduct money from your account automatically unless you specifically authorize it.
Q: Are electronic contributions risky?
No. An electronic contribution is safer than writing a check, and it can´t be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail. All Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) transactions are governed by strict national rules and guidelines. Over four billion EFT transactions are processed annually in the United States.
Q: When would this automatic contribution be taken from my account?
A recurring transaction or donation is a very popular option of the E-Giving application. On the signup screens, you can specify whether you want your contribution made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. When the date you have selected falls on a weekend or holiday, the transaction will occur on the next banking day.
Q: How do I schedule my giving?
Scheduling of a transaction is user friendly. You need only go to your donation page, enter the desired amounts in the desired funds, and choose the recurring option under theTransaction Type section. You will then be prompted for the frequency of the transaction and the beginning and ending dates.
Q: If I don´t write checks, how do I keep my checkbook balance straight?
Your contribution is made on a pre-established day, so you can deduct it from your check record then. You can also print out the transaction receipt provided and use this as a reminder when balancing your checkbook.
Q: Why can’t I give by credit card?
We chose to take the time to set up online giving through electronic funds transfer rather than credit card for two primary reasons:
1. With electronic transfer, your entire gift goes to the church. When using a credit card, as much as 3% of your gift would go to the credit company.
2. Although many pay off their credit cards each month, many also do not. We didn’t want to potentially put someone in the place of going in debt and paying credit interest on gifts given to the church.
Q: How can I keep a record of the amount I have contributed?
When a transaction (donation, gift, payment) is entered into your e-giving application, an envelope style receipt is immediately presented to you on the screen as well as being emailed to the email address you entered on your member profile.
This receipt can be used for presentation purposes or as a personal hardcopy of your transaction. The receipt contains transaction specifics such as your name, your organization ID, the amount of the transaction, the fund or destination of the money that you designated, and the date of the transaction.
This statement is intended to be used to verify that we have received your transaction and it will be immediately registered in the E-Giving system. This facilitates the updating of reports made available to you from your E-Giving pages.
If you check the report status directly following the entry of the transaction it will be holding? We process all transactions within 24 hours and update the status accordingly.
Your bank statement will also include an itemized list of automatic gifts given from your account. We will continue to provide you with an annual personal giving statement for your tax records and you can always access your giving records on under “My Giving”
Q: Can I give to the building fund? 
Yes, you can give to both the General Fund and the Building Fund online.
Q: What if I change banks or accounts or want to change the amount of my contribution?
You can change your giving choices at any time through the “My Giving” page found on the homepage when you are logged in to
Q: How do I participate in the weekly offering if my contribution is automatically deducted from my bank account?
If you wish, you can place the printed transaction receipt it in the offering basket, but it is not necessary.
Q: Is there any charge to me from my bank to give online?
No. Electronic funds transfers carry no bank fees.
Q. Can I designate my giving online?
Currently, you can give your tithe and your building offering online.
Q: Who do I talk to if I have more questions?
Call the church office (609-812-0073) for the answer to any other questions you may have.
Q: How long is the turnaround time before the church receives the money?
We will process your transactions on a daily basis* and submit them for final processing within 24 hours of when it was entered or had the transaction scheduled to execute.
We understand that it is important to know what the status of your transaction is. Your transaction will be immediately registered in the E-Giving system and made available to you from your E-Giving pages.
*Transactions will be submitted on the next available business day during weekends and bank or company holidays